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  • XG-C200Automatic bag feeding type packaging machine
    1、块状物类:糖果、巧克力、饼干、花生、青豆、开心果、薯片、锅巴、冰糖、熟食、酱菜、膨化食品等。 2、颗粒类:结精味精、颗粒状药品、种子、化学原料、砂糖、鸡精、瓜子、果仁、肥料、饲料等。 3、粉剂类:医药、食品、化工、面粉、米粉、配料粉等粉状物料,如:奶粉、豆粉、调味品、味精、调料粉、砂糖、干燥剂等物料的包装。 4、液体/酱体类:果汁、番茄酱、花生酱、果酱、调味酱、辣椒酱、洗手液、洗涤剂等液体、酱体物料的自动计量包装。 5、其它可装袋物料。
  • Vacuum packaging machine

Ruian Xuguang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company set research, design, development, manufacturing, sales for bag packaging machine. The company is located in Ruian City, Kumho Street West Ao Industrial Zone, away from Ruian high-speed exit 5 minutes, traffic is convenient.

The company based on market demand, adhere to technological innovation, people-oriented, research and development, production to meet the market needs of the whole automatic Bag packaging machine, the product is widely used in food packaging, tea coffee powder packaging, liquid packaging, food and medicine Grain packaging or solid packaging and other industries. Product materials, exquisite workmanship, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, to get the majority of User consensus.

To meet customer needs, and actively improve the quality and efficiency. Price advantage: manufacturers combine to complement each other, with the lowest price in the city Field, in order to long-term and win-win. Service advantage: as the sole way with car, hand 24 hours hotline at any time to provide customers with door-to-door Free pre sales and after-sales service. Companies continue to strengthen quality management, improve the level of service, is willing to sincerely for the friends of the service for the company, with you To create a better future!